do 17 november 2022, 13:00 14:30

Masterclass Bringing system and design thinking into your economic education

Voertaal: Engels

What can you do in your own classes/programs to stimulate a new way of thinking about the economy of tomorrow? In this interactive session we will explore how to teach about the economy using different perspectives. Through a system mapping exercise we will dig into the interconnectned of our economy with current crises. A design exercise, will allow participants to develop their skills and imagination about possible future visions of how our economy can be shared. This workshop provides a taster of tools that can be used in classrooms and/or for study. Teachers and students from all faculties are welcome to join! For those teachers who would like to integrate or use the exercises in their course, we will provide information after the session and the opportunity for a more indepth follow-up workshop.


do 17 november 2022, 13:00 14:30


HBO - Locatie: Corry Tendeloohuis


Hogeschool van Amsterdam

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