wo 16 november 2022, 15:30 17:00

Workshop How to think like a Business Economist for the 21st century?

An economy that works for all people’s basic needs within planetary boundaries will require businesses that are future proof. And it will need business students who can shape organisations with this in mind.

How can we adapt the five design principles for organisations developed by Kate Raworth (author of Doughnut Economics) to the current curriculum taught in Dutch schools? What does it mean to work regeneratively and distributively? We need some practical help here!

In this workshop by 21steconomics we will explore these principles in relation to the Dutch programme for ‘Bedrijfseconomie’ and learn from Jennifer Brandsberg-Engelmann, an experienced IB Business Management teacher in Germany, how she has successfully woven those important design principles into a standard book (used for teaching in IB). This workshop will be in English.


wo 16 november 2022, 15:30 17:00


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