vr 18 november 2022, 13:00 16:00

Workshop Performatory: Social Innovation – making movements happen

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Workshop is samen met studenten

Within the study programme Social Innovation (2nd-4th year) we aim for the best education for our unknown future. With everything we do we start with a real-life Societal Challenge. Whether it is about the environment, welfare, health or social life. We learn about these societal challenges in local practices and aim for transformative change.

In this workshop, we explore the learning experiences of students and lecturers while they design transformations in local projects.

The strongest principle in our program is to make way for the young generation. To give them the space they need, the instruments they seek and the support they look for. In this space, they will learn to take the responsibility that fits them and that enables them to contribute to their and our future life.

In dialogue with all the participants in the workshop will explain and explore the ‘Performatory way’ of learning three perspectives.

  1. Our pedagogical approach: how students are challenged to find their personal power and autonomy to contribute to societal transformation and the role of the learning community.
  2. How students and lecturers are challenged to learn IN society, not only FOR society.
  3. How we push a more just, inclusive and sustainable economy by designing transformative social innovations


vr 18 november 2022, 13:00 16:00


HBO - Locatie: Breda University of applied sciences, Frontier Building, Innovation square

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